Why Pissei?

Why Pissei?

'Why bring in another clothing brand?' 

I am asked this all the time - Why would I decide to bring in a cycling brand into what can be considered an already saturated market? Why would I spend the time, money and resources to build a brand in Australia? 

Why indeed ....

In 2022, my business partner and I started discussing what we could do to diversify our offering within the Grow Getters Group - we are well known in the custom garment space, but not at all in retail. We realised that the retail/in line space was very busy, very competitive and somewhat saturated, but we saw an opportunity to offer something to our customer base - something with a little difference.

My partner and I have always had a passion for all things Italian. I know that sounds a little cliche' - it seems everyone has been to the Cinque Terre and sipped on an Aperol Spritz - but for us it is deeper. I have always been interested in Italian culture, workmanship, history and even the politics, but at the end of the day the key for me is the passion that seems to ooze out of Italy. My partner has strong Italian background passed down from her grandmother - an extremely passionate lady. It is that passion that drew us to a small town outside of Florence called Pistoia.

It is here, where a company with big plans and a deep sense of tradition and passion plies their trade. Pissei.

Founded in 1978, Pissei is a truly 100% hand made Italian business. It's owners are relatively new, but have long history in cycling and the garment industry. Pissei sees an opportunity to make it's mark in the cycling market and are bringing that famous Italian passion to everything they do - starting with investing into what most consider as the number one cycling team in the world - UAE Team Emirates, home of Tadej Pogacar. Pissei is dedicated to creating the fastest, most aero and bets clothing possible for the professional riders - then take that knowledge and pass that down to the garments they offer to all of us normal riders.

It is the direction, initiative and drive to push Pissei to the front of the cycling industry, whilst maintaining that tradition and passion, that led us to falling in love with the brand. It helps when the product is beautiful - true quality and craftsmanship can be seen in each garment.
We know it will take time and we know it will not be easy, but with perseverance and our own passion for Italy and our business it will succeed.
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